Saturday, April 16, 2011


Over the years, Colorado conservator Beth Heller has been promoting the cause of the evilness of tape with her rather catchy "Tape is Evil" slogan. She even sells a variety of "Tape is Evil" paraphernalia. (An example of her fridge magnet appears on my workbench - sans red circle with a slash.)

Recently, Montana conservator Audra Loyal extended the social media reach of the Tape is Evil cause by bringing it into Facebook, and Twitter with #TapeisEvil.

Perhaps it is my Canadian heritage (we always root for the underdog because we've accepted the fact that we'll never be #1), or perhaps it is the general contrariness I've inherited from my mother (the best reason not to do something, is because everyone else is doing it) but I've taken this whole Tape is Evil thing as a personal call to celebrate the wicked awesome virtues of tape as a conservation tool. I've even rejoined twitter.

You are all invited to join me on the social medias in showing respect to the wicked awesome qualities of tape as part of your conservation toolbox   #tapeiswickedawesome

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