Thursday, October 13, 2011

Midwest Jobs

I've intentionally not used this blog to repost job opportunities as PCAN does a fine job of covering the job postings that appear on PADG and ConsDistList - but I think the latest flurry of conservation postings deserves a little special mention - because they are all in the Midwest.

Conservator at the University of Iowa. Follow in Gary Frost's footsteps. Work with Nancy Kraft in a highly respected program. And they will pay you. What more could you ask for? (On a related aside - Gary Frost wrote a small book. I ordered it. You'll hear about it soon.)

Conservation Lab Manager at the Public Library of Cincinnati. This is an intriguing new venture with the University of Cincinnati. The Public Library was awarded an LSTA grant to establish a joint lab with the University. (I'll be curious if the public library angle will deter some applicants because I'll guess most people going into conservation don't anticipate working for a public library.)

Conservator at the University of Chicago. A city with a rich history of conservation and an all-around great city.

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