Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Replacing full shelves with empty chairs

The post has to do with nothing more than my amusement at one firm's promotional material.

It appears that the current trend in academic libraries is to strategically reduce and relocate print collections. One of the reasons for this, as I understand, is to make more effective use of the space currently being occupied by print collections. The firm Sustainable Collection Services "offers deselection decision-support tools to academic libraries. SCS tools enable carefully managed drawdown of low-use print monograph collections while supporting shared print archiving efforts." And I was struck by their picture depicting why you might do this.

Apparently there is a great need for more empty tables and chairs!

(I've no disagreement with the service SCS is providing and am not intending to comment on the movement to reduce and relocate print collections. I just think an image of replacing full shelves with a bunch of empty tables and chairs does not do a very good job of motivating me.)


  1. Is there some way for me to follow your blog? There seems to be no facility on here to subscribe . . . Thanks!

  2. You should be able to plug in the blog's web address into any rss feeder, but I also just added a subscribe by email function if that is your preference. Kevin