Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Students are Coming! Preparing for Preservation Week

The third annual Preservation Week is next week, April 22-28, 2012. I think ALA, and partners have created an impressive program that does a good job of assisting and encouraging libraries and others to engage (using a Jeanne Drewe’s word) in promoting, practicing, and teaching preservation.

I will be using this week to put my Portraits in Preservation project into overdrive with “Portraits in Preservation: SE” (for Special Edition, or Student Edition.) I will be posting profiles of current and recent students preparing for careers in preservation. I am very excited to be posting the profiles of six students (and maybe more) representing a variety of training programs, professional interests, and personalities. It has been a treat and an inspiration to read their reflections and aspirations and I know that others will be as engaged as I have been.

(It is not my intent to relegate student profiles to just one week and would welcome future student participation in this project.)

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