Tuesday, May 15, 2012

True Boxing Confessions

In case any con/preservation student ever needs some kind of project, and wants to make a few bucks, I'd suggest creating the website "Library Box Porn" which would be filled with graphic - and by graphic I mean detailed - stories, pictures, and videos of box making. Seriously.

It is my impression that their is a community of us who get quite excited at anything having to do with making boxes. We (and yes, I am part of that community) just can't get enough of it. I could spend hours watching videos of people making boxes, and the more unusual the box, the better. There are multiple cable channels which feed people's food porn habits, so why not boxes?

And just to feed the habit. (Check out that pallet of archival cardboard!)


  1. So true! I love a good boxing challenge. Have you seen my most current one? I find making enclosures incredibly satisfying. If you can't fix it, box it!

  2. Regarding your boxing project - boxes and miniatures - it doesn't get much better than that.