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Promoting Preservation Interest Group @ #ala12

(Same caveat for this post as for my other ALA note dumps. These are relatively sketchy, minimally edited notes. Things in square brackets are my own personal asides/questions/comments.)
Sunday June 24 @ 10:30

Preservation Week 2012
Julie Mosbo
Similar content to provided yesterday at PAIG
Had some challenges with putting up Pres Week map. Try to do a different approach next year - with a little more control
She's trying to do some web searching to find all the events
Survey to discover participation
Participation did not include much collaboration with other institutions
Good attendance at events
Trying to come up with more family/youth oriented activities
Still working on developing social media approach
Suggestions - update logos/bookmarks, reorganize web page, provide Google map earlier, follow-up stories on events, coordination with May Day, focus on speakers bureau
Committee asked to push the @ your library: Pass It On webpage [Duplicates Preservation Week webpage content?]
Still working on improving this young program
2013 dates April 21-27

Suggestion was made to collect statistics about effort and impact [seriously, these people want statistics for everything. So much work for what value? You can always do more - and people love to tell you all the more you can do.]

Stephanie Lamson -  Preservation Librarian at University of Washington Libraries
7 Preservation Week Webinars - a quick overview
- survey data of webinars
- Personal digital photographs
- taking care family textiles
- personal digital memories
- protecting future access now
- protecting family treasures
- mold prevention
- archival 101

Have a webinar proposal form - for any ALCTS webinar
Aggregated data - average number of registrants keeps increasing.
530 (2010)- 720 (2012)
Numbers don't include viewing archived webinar
Survey responses show strong positive responses to webinar content, and presenters, and overall
60% learned from email
Most respondents were not ALA member
Well received and increased numbers

What is the focus or goals of the webinars?
Focus on university/public libraries?
Better strategy for outreach to public libraries?

"Public Library Community is a hard nut to crack." GTR

Dr. Howard Besser - NY University
Preservation week experience at NYU Community Archiving and the Occupy Wallstreet Movement.
In moving image collection world - basic principals of paper archives world are violated

Why digital preservationists looked at Occupy media
Vast quantity of user contributed material
No easy way to control for quality, format, metadata
Much of the material found on social networks
Need to find smart ways to harvest metadata and analyze files - influence behavior of potential contributors

Moving Image Archiving Program - Besser teaches in this program at NYU
Students or grads in this program formed "Activist Archivists"
their projects-
"Why Archive" postcard, 7 tips to ensure video or audio is usable in long term, study of metadata loss with social network loading,
toolkit for occupy archiving, coordinate discussion among various groups, explore methods for obsuring identity

Within Occupy Wall Street their is Archives Working Group - owning own past (don't want to place things in "traditional" collections)
Also the "Media Committee"
Preservation Week event
Several presentations from diff groups - included folks from OWS Archiving Working Group
People were really engaged - stayed for couple hours discussing after (cheap munchies work)
Did leaflet - challenge with being too wordy, did lots of pr on social netowrks, list-servs, etc.

Summary - for individual events - involve students both as speakers and audience
Send infor far in advance and then a few days before

For Central Planing
Try grouping events both geographically and topically
Get individual sites to post photo, audio, video of events to inspire and document
(slide for this talk available at)

Katie Risseeuw
Preservation Week at Northwestern university
1st time to participate in PresWk
Trying to find audience as private academic library
Did daily demonstrations - plus offered handouts, bookmarks, measuring tapes (with NWU) & vendor catalogs
Workshop for staff
Daily conservation lab tours

Each day demos - book repair, Mounting paper and artwork, library pests (IPM), Film and magnetic media, Reasearch and training
Staff workshop - Preservation 101 - what is most important for staff to know
"What we might pam bind in-house versus outhouse." (she meant out-source)
Daily demos - lots staff returned
Staff workshop - mostly catalogers attended
Lab tours - nobody came
People really liked the free handouts

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