Sunday, April 21, 2013

Preservation Week Prizes

It is ALA's Preservation Week and I've figured out how Library Preservation 2 will participate. With Prizes!

What better way to celebrate all things preservation than with a chance to join an elite few and win your very own copy of Pursuing Preservation? (Okay, there are probably many better ways to celebrate all thing preservation but none of those involve my blog or my book.)

To enter for your chance to win all you need to do is leave a comment on this blog post. You needn't say anything more profound than "hey" or "I want that book sooo much."

One entry per person and prizes will only be shipped within the continental USA.

(I'll admit that this is kind a lame way to participate in Preservation Week. I hope that you and your associated libraries are doing some less lame things to help keep colleagues and the public aware and informed of preservation issues.)


  1. Nice compilation of blog posts - already have my copy - and fun to see in "book" form. Have a great Preservation Week!

  2. Here I am signing in to say "I want that book soooooo much!"

    [n.b.: Google didn't sign me in by name in comment above so I deleted it]

  3. I am interested in changing directions as a librarian. My previous specialization, news research for media organizations, has shrunk considerably. I am interested in archives and also conservation because I have a great love of books and documents and history.

  4. Would love to read your book, Kevin. Happy Preservation Week!

    Pat Turpening