Thursday, April 4, 2013

Teaching Digital Preservation, Digitally

Over the last three weeks I've been leading a three-part webinar series introducing digital preservation. Last year, I was selected to attend a week-long train-the-trainer event put on by the Digital Preservation Outreach and Education (DPOE) program of the Library of Congress. Quoting from the website:
The DPOE mission is to foster national outreach and education about digital preservation by building a collaborative network of instructors and partners to provide training to individuals and organizations seeking to preserve their digital content. 
Over the week I was trained in their curriculum, and by participating in this training I, and my employer, agreed to provide at least one training session.

Like many of my colleagues I chose to provide my training via webinar. I chose that medium for a couple reasons: it has the potential to reach more people than a live session (plus it can be recorded and accessed later); plus the curriculum consists of six modules and covering less than the six modules felt incomplete, but doing all six in one live event felt like a lot - and really hard to keep engaging. I did three hour-long webinars.

It was the first webinar that I lead, but I've attended many so I have a bit of an idea of what I like. Intending no disrespect to the people who created the curriculum, it takes some work to make the content lively and engaging. I'm not sure I succeeded on either count. For the 2nd session I decided to add live video of me which I think helped make the experience a little more personal and engaging for the viewer.

I still don't feel like a grand digital preservation expert, although teaching a topic is always a great way to learn a topic.

You can view the recordings of the webinars online:
Session 1: Identify and Select (File download does not work for this session, but all files are included in the 3rd session.)
Session 2: Store and Protect

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