Friday, October 10, 2014

Our Brittle Books: An interview with the filmmakers

Katie Sponseller and M. Allam are two film-makers in Chicago who are preparing to make a film titled “Our Brittle Books.” Not surprisingly, the title caught my attention. I viewed the video on the Kickstarter page for this film, and my interest grew. So, I contacted them to see if I could record them and share the interview.

This kind of interview and recording was a first for me. I am pleased with how it went. They were gracious and thoughtful guests. Discussion included: the transition from analog to digital, both with books, and film; trying to freeze a moment in time; mortality; and Peter Pan.

I encourage you to listen to the interview, and checkout all that’s on their Kickstarter page. And I encourage you support their Kickstarter for film. These are some creative, young minds exploring issues that are important to this time and relevant to the work we do in libraries, archives, and museums – and how we live our lives.

(Near the end of the interview Katie talks about an organization they are working with for a book drive. The organization is Bernie's Book Bank.)

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