Portraits in Preservation

My intent with this project is not to write individual histories of conservators but rather to create personal portraits. My interest is the broader brush strokes of their life in preservation. My hope for this project is that these portraits will help the community of preservation professionals learn something about themselves – both individually and corporately – and their relationship to their profession.

An alphabetical list of those profiled in my Portraits in Preservation project. (I'll continue updating the list.)

Eric Alstrom
Michele Cloonan
Daniel Heath Cull
Gary Frost
Martha Little
Jeff Peachey
John Townsend
Peter Verheyen

Student Edition
Cheyenne Bsaies
Tatiana Cole
Jackie Divis Doyle
Rebecca Frank
Graham Hukill 

I would love for more people to participate in this project. I want to hear from people at all stages in their career, student, just started working, mid-career, and senior. Please feel free to volunteer yourself, or suggest someone you'd like to hear from. 

I ask that you answer the four questions below. There is a fifth optional question you are welcome to answer if you wish. I’d encourage you to give yourself some time to reflect on these questions before answering.

I also ask that you please provide a short bio (no more than 250 words) as personal or professional as you’d like and a digital photo of yourself (if you are comfortable with that.)

For ease of language I use variations of the word preserve to cover all aspects of what might be called preservation or conservation.

1. Describe an experience that was particularly influential in your professional development.
2. How do you think working in preservation has shaped or changed your worldview?
3. What part of your preservation work most excites and engages you? Give specific examples.
4. If you were teaching what you do to a student, what would you say is the most important thing to learn in order to do your job well?
5. Bonus question (optional) - What do you preserve and why?

Once you’ve supplied the answers, if I think it might be helpful I may ask a couple follow-up questions. I would also clear with any edits or changes I might make to your words before posting them online.

For Students I've a different set of questions

1. What experience or person has greatly influenced your desire to pursue preservation?
2. What has been a particularly rewarding experience in your preservation training?
3. What are you looking forward to personally contributing to the larger preservation world?
4. What do you see is a pressing issue facing the preservation world?
5. Bonus question (optional) - What do you want to preserve and why?

Your responses, or any questions, can be emailed to me at ksdriedger [at] yahoo.com

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